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Philanthropic Revenue

Self pay
  • Tap into $10B in available financial aid to reduce patient liability for uninsured and underinsured populations that don’t qualify for government programs.

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Charity Care Automation


  • Maximize Medicare reimbursements, demonstrate 501r compliance, reduce operational overhead, and optimize patient, screener, advocate, and management experiences

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The first of its kind

Atlas technology combines a sophisticated rules engine with machine learning to optimize financial aid program matching for each patient. Communications, enrollment, and reimbursements are all personalized for each individual patient / provider situation – delivering the most efficient and impactful experience for all parties involved.

Proven results using Atlas


Decrease in uncompensated care


Increase in self-serve resolution


Reduction in A/R days

Secure, TCPA, HIPAA compliant

Atlas mitigates risk with 256-bit SSL end-to-end data encryption, strict internal policies, and a small digital footprint. The FCC is explicit – the provision of a phone number to a healthcare provider constitutes prior express consent for texts/calls made by both covered entities and business associates as long as they are “healthcare related.” HHS has been quite clear, consistently since at least 2002, that under TPO provisions self-pay balance recovery related activities are governed by HIPAA. Securing payments, fincial aid applications, and protecting patient data is core to our mission, values, and expertise.


Implementation that's easy, quick, and flexible

Interoperability is never a problem with Atlas. Atlas can seamlessly integrate with your EHR / PMS / HIS, or you can send and receive data with Atlas through sFTP, API, or through our secure admin control panel. Your team can be up and running with Atlas in as little as one week, with no impact on current or future billing software and minimal training and/or process changes.

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